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Why am I giving away
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I’m launching the industry’s first “Win Now, Tip Later” program. It’s the fairest and most transparent sports handicapping service – ever! (and it’s free!)

Here’s how it works:

1. I give away all of my picks to you for free.
2. If you end up winning a ton of money from betting on my picks, then all I ask is that you voluntarily send me a tip donation with an amount you think is fair from all the winnings you’re making with my selections.

Tipping me is 100% voluntary! I trust that you’ll find it fair to tip me if you’re winning big with my picks.

Tipping Will Get You Awesome Rewards!

I am putting a lot of research into making these picks for you, so it’s fair to tip if you’re winning good money.Plus: Tipping will get you awesome rewards!

I keep track of how much money you’ve tipped in total. Every time you send a tip, that amount is then added to your cumulative tipping total.

And once your tipping total reaches certain amounts, I will reward you! Your rewards for tipping include:

• Picks texted to your phone number

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• All-expense paid vacation to Las Vegas

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Sports Betting


Watch the full history of the Sports Betting Whale:

Who Am I?

I’m one of the world’s biggest sports bettors – ever!

• I have wagered over $500 Million on sports – a figure that would likely be in the many billions if the sportsbooks didn’t cut me off.

• Known as a master in pattern-recognition. I use this ability to analyze games and predict outcomes of sporting events

• I wagered millions of dollars on sports on a typical weekend.

• Some of my biggest runs include turning $500 into over a million dollars in a 7-day period, and turning $50,000 into $4 Million dollars in 4 days.

I’ve won over $30 Million dollars from betting on sports over my career.

Meet My Handicapping Partner


The Sports Betting Champ

• Creator of the Exterminator Betting System, the best-selling betting system of all time.

• Author of the world’s longest math problem; Inventor of the universal rules of divisibility.

• Uses math-based, quantitative analysis to develop sports betting systems.

• Over 10,000 testimonials from subscribers, including from many athletes & celebrities.

• The Champ’s betting system ran a major sportsbook (BetJoint) out of business. Its founder, Mark Roberts, decided to quit the business and became a follower of the system.

• I consult with The Champ daily to come up with the best possible picks on the board for you.

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The Whale wins $122, 792.74 in 6 days, and was banned after by the sportsbook

The Whale turned $3,000 into $70,000

The Whale turned $1,300 into $32,430.85 in June 2021

The full story of how The Whale took $500 in cash and turned it into over a million dollars in 7 days of betting!

Full Interview of the Sports Betting Whale going on a $700,000 Winning Streak!

The Whale turned $3,000 into $70,000

The Whale winning $285,596.50 in just 5 days

How The Whale turned $2,500 into $42,000

How The Whale won $76,000 in just 4 days of betting

The Whale turned $3,000 into $70,000

The Whale winning over $100,000 in a 10-day winning streak

A time when The Whale wagered $296,877.60 on his picks, and ended up cashing out at $369,547

The Whale's $150,000 winning streak from late 2017 to early 2018

A highlight reel of some of The Whale's biggest winning streaks in 2017

A time when The Whale got paid out nearly $200,000 in 7 days

The Whale's $248,481.60 run in early 2020

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